From complex regulations to new connected medical technologies to threats like ransomware targeting providers, the healthcare industry is under increasing pressure to better manage data risk.
Healthcare Technology

Adapting to Rapid Change

Technological changes – the move to electronic health records, the prevalence of networked medical devices, and complex data transfers – are forcing healthcare organizations to adapt quickly to keep their patients’ data secure. Focal Point’s expansive knowledge of healthcare regulations, as well as IT, financial, and organizational best practices, allows us to provide services that ensure all aspects of your organization are secure and operating effectively, while simultaneously meeting industry requirements.

Ready to Take on your Toughest Challenges

Focal Point is a trusted partner to many of the largest healthcare providers, life science companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges these healthcare organizations face.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is the most widely recognized and respected privacy regulation in the healthcare industry. Focal Point can help you ensure your policies, procedures, and technologies meet its rigorous requirements.

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01 Gap Analyses
02 Policy Design
03 HIPAA Audits

Data Privacy Strategy and Planning

Privacy legislation is changing almost daily. Focal Point can help your organization employ privacy-by-design principles to build a robust privacy program that adapts with regulatory and organizational change.

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01 Strategy Design
02 Planning
03 Execution


Focal Point's DevSecOps services help healthcare organizations build secure systems, patient tools, and medical devices. We help you secure your application lifecycles by applying comprehensive security measures at every step – from initial planning to deployment.

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01 DevSecOps Assessment
02 AppSec Tool Selection
03 Championship Programs

Cyber Strategy

Your cybersecurity program has a vital role to play in protecting your patients' PHI. Focal Point has helped dozens of hospitals, insurers, and medical device companies build stronger cyber defenses.

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01 Maturity Assessment
02 Cloud Security
03 Crown Jewels Assessment

Cyber Workforce Development

Many healthcare organizations struggle to find the cybersecurity professionals they need to protect their data. Focal Point can help you build a program that expands the capabilities of your existing team.

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01 Program Development
02 Skills Training
03 SOC Baselining

Third-Party Risk Management

Your organization is only as secure as your weakest vendor. Focal Point's third-party risk management solutions help you address third-party risk, streamline vendor onboarding, and secure third-party access.

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01 Vendor Profiling
02 Risk Remediation
03 Managed Support
Featured Case Study

Guarding Against Disaster

One of the largest dental benefits administrators in the United States engaged Focal Point to perform an initial business impact analysis and business continuity risk assessment to reduce business interruptions.

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In meeting disaster recovery time objectives.
Increased Communication
We designed a command chain for initiating disaster plans.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing data risk.

Unparalleled Experience

Since 2005, Focal Point has worked extensively with organizations across the healthcare industry - from R&D firms to medical device companies to multi-state healthcare systems.

Innovative Solutions

Focal Point is helping healthcare organizations reach new heights with innovative solutions like our proprietary cyber workforce development methodology and our custom Privileged Remote Access tool.

Streamlined Compliance

Focal Point specializes in industry regulations like HIPAA/HITECH as well as leading privacy and security standards like the GDPR, CPRA, and ISO 27001, helping you streamline compliance.