With more retail transactions using ecommerce sites, mobile applications, and complex point-of-sale systems, the retail industry has been barraged with high-profile payment system breaches.
Securing the Retail Space

Securing the Retail Space

In order to avoid data breaches and the loss of customer goodwill and trust, retailers must develop comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to ensure their systems are regularly tested and secure. Focal Point has worked with retailers of all sizes, from small ecommerce operations to global retail brands, to develop cybersecurity and privacy plans to fit all operations and regulations, including the PCI DSS, CCPA, and SOX.

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Our Services

We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges faced by retailers.

Identity Governance

Outdated IAM systems and processes can expose retailers to tremendous risk. Focal Point helps retail companies design and implement best-in-class identity governance programs to eliminate identity risk.

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01 System Implementation
02 Privileged Remote Access
03 Managed Services

Cyber Workforce Development

Retailers need leading cyber experts to manage and support their cyber programs and detect and prevent critical threats. Focal Point can help you build cyber workforce programs that expand your team's capabilities.

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01 Program Development
02 Skills Training
03 SOC Baselining

Streamlined Compliance

The retail industry has been hit hard by changing regulations. Focal Point can help you design cyber and privacy programs that align with multiple standards, like the PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

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01 PCI QSA Services
02 CCPA Compliance
03 GDPR Operationalization

Cyber Strategy

Our cyber strategy services help you get a 360˚ view of your cyber program and identify opportunities for improvement. Beyond the assessment, our team can help you implement changes to your program.

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01 Maturity Assessment
02 Cloud Security
03 Crown Jewels Assessment

Privacy Strategy and Planning

Retailers must have strong privacy programs to govern the handling of customers' data. Focal Point can help you leverage privacy-by-design principles to build a best-in-class privacy program.

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01 Strategy Design
02 Planning
03 Execution

Internal Audit

Focal Point's audit services evaluate your operational policies and procedures at the corporate and store levels, helping you identify inefficiencies, gaps in compliance, and opportunities to streamline processes.

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01 IT Audit
02 Fraud Audit
03 SOX Compliance
Featured Case Study

A PCI Audit for a Major Retailer

One of the largest privately held regional retail corporations in the United States, with more than 500 locations and over one billion dollars in annual sales, engaged Focal Point as its PCI QSA to perform its annual PCI compliance audits.

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In annual audit costs.
In the total time to complete the audit.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing data risk.

Integrated Specialists

Focal Point is an integrated firm, meaning when you engage with us in any capacity, you get instant access to a range of specialists in today’s most in-demand disciplines.

Data Focus

Unlike other firms, Focal Point takes a data-first approach to risk management. This helps avoid blind spots and ensure that your most important assets are always secure.

Don’t Forget the People

Many consulting firms address your processes and technology – but only Focal Point can also improve your people. Focal Point Academy is on the cutting edge of cyber workforce development.