Because of their vast amounts of sensitive data, agencies at the state, local, and federal levels are favorite targets for malicious attackers. 
Securing Public Trust

Securing Public Trust

Government organizations must be able to carry the burden of public trust with confidence. They must invest in cyber and data protections and ensure that they are receiving maximum value from all of their IT systems, processes, and people. Focal Point takes a strategic approach to tackling risk management challenges within the public sector, using a proven strategy that maximizes the value from every dollar that you spend.

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Our Services

We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges faced by public sector organizations.

Identity Governance

Managing identity risk and modernizing IAM systems are significant challenges in the public sector. Focal Point can help you build an identity governance program that provides specialized access to your employees, contractors, and constituents.

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01 System Implementation
02 Privileged Remote Access
03 Managed Services

Cyber Workforce Development

In the public sector, your cyber defenders play a role in protecting our nation's security. Our cyber workforce experts have trained the most elite cyber defenders from the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

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01 Program Development
02 Skills Training
03 SOC Baselining

Privacy Strategy and Planning

Protecting the personal information of millions of U.S. residents is a challenge, particularly as budgets tighten. Focal Point's privacy services help you build compliant programs that govern the collection, management, and storage of personal information.

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01 Strategy Design
02 Planning
03 Execution

Cyber Strategy

Your cybersecurity program guards critical systems and data from malicious attackers. Focal Point has helped dozens of federal, state, and local government agencies build stronger cyber defenses.

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01 Maturity Assessment
02 Cloud Security
03 Crown Jewels Assessment

IT Risk Assessment

Government agencies are often burdened with outdated or cumbersome in-house systems. Focal Point can help you evaluate the IT risks associated with these platforms and opportunities for improvement.

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01 Expert Assessment
02 Roadmap Development
03 Remediation Support

Penetration Testing

Government agencies house massive volumes of personal information and other data key to our nation's security. Focal Point's pen testing services help you test and strengthen your cyber defenses.

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01 Network Security
02 Application Security
03 Social Engineering
Featured Case Study

Evaluating IT Risk

The Chief Information Officer of one of the largest public school districts in the United States requested a strategic cybersecurity assessment to gain a better understanding of the existing IT security program.

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In licensing costs.
Roadmap to enhance their cybersecurity strategy

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing data risk.

Integrated Specialists

Focal Point is an integrated firm, meaning when you engage with us in any capacity, you get instant access to a range of specialists in today’s most in-demand disciplines.

Data Focus

Unlike other firms, Focal Point takes a data-first approach to risk management. This helps avoid blind spots and ensure that your most important assets are always secure.

Simplified Onboarding

We make it easy to be a client, as all firms should (but don’t). Initial onboarding is simple, fast, and transparent, allowing us to quickly ramp up and support time-sensitive initiatives.