Digital Transformation Risk

Strengthen governance and controls over digital transformation and automation
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Enabling Internal Audit

Technology trends like RPA, the cloud, and DevOps are transforming businesses and introducing a host of new benefits: cost savings, reduced efforts, improved reporting, faster turnaround, etc. But introducing new technology can also result in new risks, if not implemented properly. Focal Point helps internal audit teams and their organizations design the processes, policies, and controls they need to manage risk throughout digital transformation.

Our Services

Our approach is designed to support your organization’s objectives, technology stack, and risk appetite. Our suite of services can help you better understand the risks posed by digital transformation, identify opportunities for automation, and develop a roadmap to address these risks while advancing your governance program.


Focal Point helps internal audit teams identify low-risk opportunities for process modernization and automation, strategically pilot digital transformation opportunities, and design and implement a governance structure to support transformation and manage risk.

01 Opportunity Assessment
02 Proof of Concept
03 Governance

RPA Integration

Focal Point helps audit functions integrate RPA into key processes to streamline efforts and reduce costs. In addition, we can help with data classification to ensure a smooth integration.

01 RPA Integration
02 Data Classification
03 Process Automation

System Access Maturity

Focal Point's IAM and compliance experts can help you identify opportunities to automate and mature user access review and SoD conflict resolution processes.

01 UAR Program Maturity
02 SoD Conflict Reviews
03 Program Automation

Risk Assessments

Focal Point's audit, compliance, and access experts can regularly evaluate your risk profile as new technologies and automations are introduced.

01 Compliance Risk
02 Access Risk
03 Enterprise Risk


Focal Point's compliance experts can help you assess and address the impact of digital transformation on enterprise regulatory requirements, like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and the CCPA.

01 SOX

Ongoing Support

The Focal Point team can help you continuously monitor and advance controls and processes as the business matures and new technology is introduced.

01 Monitor Risk
02 Strengthen Controls
03 Automate Processes

Supporting Digital Transformation

Focal Point ensures that digital transformation projects enable your business to grow quickly and securely by building an approach tailored to your business goals. We help internal audit teams:

  • Drive Value: Advise the business on areas to consider for automation and digital transformation to maximize ROI, reduce operational costs and inefficiencies, and manage risk
  • Provide Assurance: Assess governance, risk management, and control processes and build a strategy for addressing issues around digital transformation
  • Automate Audit Processes: Identify processes within your internal audit function ripe for automation through RPA or data analytics

Webinar: Internal Audit Considerations in Creating an RPA Program

An expert look at how internal audit programs are leveraging RPA and the challenges they are overcoming
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