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DevSecOps Lessons Learned from Major Breaches

Behind the scenes of 2020's biggest breaches and how DevSecOps could have prevented them
Case Study

A Cloud Security Assessment for an Appliance Manuf…

An outdoor appliance manufacturer recently implemented Microsoft Office 365 (O365) and engaged Focal Point to perform a comprehensive cloud security assessment to help them identify security gaps and implement best practices.
White Paper

Extrapolating DevSecOps: Principles to Apply Acros…

A look at how Development, Security, and Operations teams work together and how to apply their guiding principles across your business

Deploying DevSecOps: A Crash Course for Security L…

A guide to building or maturing your DevSecOps program
White Paper

The Future of Cybersecurity Teams: Crowdsecurity

An expert look at how cybersecurity teams can leverage crowdsourcing concepts to advance their security programs

Internal Audit Considerations in Creating an RPA P…

An expert look at how internal audit programs are leveraging RPA and the challenges they are overcoming

Measuring Your Identity Fitness

A look at the strategies and tools that will prepare your identity and access management program for 2021

RPA and the Path to Digitalization

For many Audit functions, digitalization starts with RPA - a technology that has left the wings and entered center stage. In addition to leveraging RPA to realize efficiency gains, cost savings, and improved visibility, Internal Audit functions must consider the impact of RPA on controls and business processes. From an…

How to Achieve the CMMC Level 3 Certification

Under the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), all DoD contractors are required to be evaluated on the maturity and reliability of their cybersecurity infrastructure, earning certifications ranging from Level 1 (basic cyber hygiene) to Level 5 (advanced security). The five CMMC certification levels are ti…