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Assess, harden, and optimize your cloud security posture
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Addressing Cloud Risk

Recent studies have found that 96% of organizations are concerned about cloud security risk, and rightly so. Cloud data breaches are on the rise and have had a significant impact on organizations large and small. Whether your organization relies on the cloud for day-to-day operations or leverages cloud systems for a variety of isolated use cases, Focal Point offers a comprehensive set of solutions to address the unique risks posed by the cloud environment.

Our Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Security 15By building an approach tailored to your specific business goals, technology stack, and risk appetite, Focal Point can help your business understand its cloud landscape and associated security risks, build a robust cloud security strategy and roadmap, and integrate new security tools into your environment for ongoing defense.

Focal Point’s cloud security services are designed to provide you with lasting value. Our experts are highly skilled, certified cloud consultants with experience in every major cloud platform, helping leading organizations build and advance their cloud security programs.

Our Services

Cloud Security Assessment and Monitoring

Identify gaps in security posture and provide an actionable roadmap for remediation. Leverage tools to perform a continuous assessment of your posture.

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01 Identify Gaps
02 Actionable Roadmap
03 Continuous Evaluation

Cloud Logging Integration

Integrate cloud logging capabilities with enterprise logging and monitoring processes.

01 Streamlined Logging
02 Improved Reporting
03 Enhanced Monitoring

Access Clean-Up

Assess enterprise access policies across users and resources and implement changes to holistically improve access posture.

01 Improved Posture
02 Secure Access
03 Sustainable Policies

Gold-Standard Template Development

Develop hardened resource templates for key business use cases to streamline configuration management.

01 High Quality Templates
02 Streamlined Configuration
03 Expert Guidance

Cost Optimization

Analyze ongoing costs in the cloud security space to guide in the reduction and unification of unnecessary expenditures.

01 Reduce Costs
02 Benchmark Investment
03 Streamline Spending

Software Selection

Evaluate the marketplace and assist in the selection of cloud security tools for ongoing management.

01 Expert Guidance
02 Top Tools
03 Integration Support

Our Approach

By tailoring our approach to your specific business goals, Focal Point ensures that our cloud security projects protect your business, so you can focus on growth and innovation. We help organizations:

See the Landscape

Identify and catalog cloud environment inventory to better understand the cloud footprint and manage posture.

Simplify Configurations

Develop and deliver streamlined guidance to manage risks caused by misconfiguration.

Deliver Lasting Value

Deliver on project goals, maximize ROI, and drive ongoing value through training and technology.
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Featured Service

Cloud Security Assessment

Trying to understand the risk landscape surrounding your cloud environment? A cloud security assessment provides you with a clear picture of your cloud security risks and how to address them. Whether you need help evaluating the security of a specific application or an assessment of your overall cloud strategy, our team has the expertise and proven experience to guide you.

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Featured Case Study

Cloud Assessment for Manufacturer

An outdoor appliance manufacturer recently implemented Microsoft Office 365 (O365) and engaged Focal Point to perform a comprehensive cloud security assessment to help them identify security gaps and implement best practices.

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Issues Identified
Four of which were deemed "high risk"
Time needed to remediate several uncovered issues