Cloud Security Assessment

99% of cloud security incidents through 2025 will be the customer's fault, according to Gartner. While cloud transformation is exciting, cloud migrations also present a number of new security risks and challenges.
Securing Your Business in the Cloud

Securing your Business in the Cloud

Focal Point helps companies secure critical systems, processes, and data by helping them assess the risks associated with their cloud systems and applications. Whether you need help evaluating and testing the security of a specific application, or you need an assessment of your overall cloud strategy, our team has the best-practice knowledge and proven experience to support you through the process.

Our Approach

Through this assessment, Focal Point evaluates your cloud security plans and develops a program that balances security and usability.

Phase 1

Our team dissects your existing cloud security program, benchmarking it against industry standards and emerging trends, to evaluate its ability to adapt to new technologies, threats, and operational changes.

  • Posture assessment
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Trend evaluation
  • Cloud asset inventory

Phase 2

Our experts perform a targeted assessment of the cloud applications in your portfolio, analyzing how these tools impact enterprise security.

  • Application assessment
  • Enterprise security analysis
  • Portfolio evaluation

Phase 3

Based on the findings of our assessments, our team provides a prioritized list of steps to secure your cloud applications and strengthen your cloud security program. Then, our team can help you execute these steps and remediate any discovered issues.

  • Risk identification
  • Recommendation for improvement
  • Roadmap
  • Remediation assistance

Step 4

Using cutting-edge solutions, our team guides the ongoing evaluation of your cloud security posture and monitors for new risks and opportunities for advancement.

  • Continuous assessment
  • Risk identification
  • Advancement opportunities

Assessment Focus Areas

MisconfigurationsAsset InventoryLogging and Monitoring
Multi-factor AuthenticationIdentity and Access ManagementCloud Native Controls
Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Learn more about our full suite of cloud offerings and how they can aid you on your journey to the cloud. From strategy assessments to implementation to security and compliance, our team can help.

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Different from the Rest

Focal Point has helped companies migrating to the cloud secure their critical systems and data at every stage. Here’s how:

More than an Assessment

Our toolset goes beyond assessments. We have experts who can help you select and implement new cloud systems and align these tools with key regulations and standards.

The Specialists You Need

Our team specializes in more than just cloud security. We have experts in cloud systems and migrations, and specialists in areas like data privacy, project management, data analytics, and penetration testing.

Vetted and Certified

Our team members are Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSP), meeting the rigorous standards of (ISC)2. Our members are recognized by this industry body as experts in securing critical assets in the cloud.
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Issues Identified
Four of which were deemed "high risk"
Time need to remediate several issues

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