Executive Cyber Training

A one-day, seminar-style program that covers the cyber fundamentals you need to operate your business securely, embrace disruption safely, and effectively communicate cyber risks within your organization.
Executive Cyber Training 1

Intro to Cyber Risk Management

This program dissects the most important issues in cyber risk management and arms executives with the tools needed to engage in strategic cyber conversations.

  • Concise: This course cuts through the clutter, giving you content that actually matters to your job.
  • Hands-on: Each session is punctuated with interactive breakout sessions to test your new knowledge.
  • Actionable: Take home real-world skills and knowledge that enable you to communicate more effectively and take on a leading role.
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One Day, Four Critical Topics

This one-day program is divided into four sessions, covering the need-to-know information for today's business leaders. Each session was crafted with input from leading executives and delivers skills that can be applied immediately.

Navigating the Threat Landscape

Analyze today’s biggest threats, the attackers behind them, and the threats that will dominate headlines tomorrow. Learn real-world threat models and techniques for threat mitigation. 

01 Today's Biggest Threats
02 Future Threats
03 Threat Mitigtation

Managing Cyber Risk

Take charge of cyber risk management, with an inside look at the risk metrics and mitigation techniques in place at the highest-performing organizations.

01 Top Cyber Risks
02 Risk Metrics
03 Mitigation Techniques

Accelerating your Cyber Strategy

Uncover the secrets of an effective cybersecurity strategy. Go behind the scenes of the most effective security teams, and explore their makeup, fit within the organization, and approach to compliance and governance. 

01 Cyber Team Structure
02 The Role of Cybersecurity
03 Approach to Compliance

Practicing Good Cyber Hygiene

Don't be the weak link: learn how hackers target executives, and how you can outsmart them. Take home practical tips and resources for improved cyber practices at the office, at home, and on the road.

01 Cyber Tips at Home
02 Cyber Tips in the Office
03 Cyber Tips on the Road

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors deliver courses to top security teams within the Department of Defense and Fortune 500. Our instructors receive an average 4.9/5 rating for knowledge and delivery.
Stuart McLeod

Stuart McLeod

A seasoned cybersecurity professional and lead instructor, having delivered hundreds of courses for Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government agencies.
Mike Wright

Mike Wright

An instructor with 20 years of experience, including building and leading The Boeing Company’s information security training program.
Belton Myers

Belton C. Myers

An award-winning security instructor, with two decades of experience training top companies and the Department of Defense.
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