Privacy Compliance

The CCPA was announced in June of 2018. Since then, a dozen more states have either proposed or passed similar laws, and companies ares struggling to keep up.
Streamlining Compliance

Streamlining Compliance

It can feel like a new privacy regulation comes onto the scene every week. Ad hoc compliance isn’t a sustainable approach to managing privacy compliance, but with tight deadlines and limited bandwidth, many teams don’t have time to take a step back and build a strategic compliance program, founded on privacy-by-design principles. Focal Point combines legal expertise with hands-on consulting experience to help you build an adaptable, intentional program that streamlines your compliance efforts.

Our Solution

Focal Point's Privacy Compliance solution set fuses deep regulatory knowledge with real-world experience to help you implement a program built on strong privacy principles that can adapt with regulatory change.

Strategy and Planning

Whether you have an existing privacy strategy or need help getting a fledgling program off the ground, Focal Point can help you evaluate current processes and policies and design a cohesive compliance program.

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01 Compliance Harmonization
02 Strategy Design
03 Program Evaluation

Data Mapping

A strong compliance program starts with data mapping. Data mapping identifies your organization's information lifecycle, helping you determine how your organizations collects, manages, and stores personal data.

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01 Program Evaluation
02 Data Life Cycle Mapping
03 Master Repository

CCPA Compliance

Companies already compliant with the GDPR may find CCPA compliance easier, but it does require more than simple cosmetic changes. Focal Point can help you build on your GDPR program to comply with this new regulation.

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01 Readiness
02 Advisory
03 Support

GDPR Compliance

The GDPR has become the new data protection standard. Focal Point can help your organization build a program based on the strong principles found in the GDPR and lay the groundwork for future compliance efforts.

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01 Readiness
02 Advisory
03 Support

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA is one of the oldest privacy laws, and the requirements found in it have served as guiding principles for many privacy programs. Focal Point can help you adapt your HIPAA program to include new privacy requirements.

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01 Policies and Procedures
02 HIPAA Security
03 Pre, Post-Implementation

Privacy Office Support

Maintaining and managing your privacy program is no easy feat. Focal Point can provide the expert support you need to adapt your program when a new technology is introduced or a new amendment is released.

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01 Program Evaluation
02 Data Mapping
03 Master Repository
Featured Case Study

Navigating GDPR Compliance

A recognized leader in the hospitality and travel leisure industry, representing the world's largest fleet of cruise liners, engaged Focal Point to help it align with the GDPR and its evolving privacy demands.

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In the technical and security related controls
Through a multi-phased remediation and development plan

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing privacy risk.

Regulatory Knowledge

Our team has traveled the globe helping organizations build privacy programs that align with the toughest privacy laws. Their knowledge of data protection regulations is as deep as it is wide.

Legal Expertise*

Many of our privacy experts have joined us from leading privacy law firms. Their legal knowledge allows us to quickly interpret regulatory standards and provide valuable guidance to our clients. 

Integrated Specialists

Focal Point is an integrated firm, meaning when you engage with us in any capacity, you get instant access to a range of specialists in today’s most in-demand disciplines - from cyber to IAM to analytics.
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Harmonizing multiple privacy regulations requires a deep understanding of the law, a clear picture of your data-handling processes, and a team of experts willing to help. Get started below.
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Your CCPA Starter Kit

To help your business achieve CCPA readiness, the Focal Point team has created a compliance starter kit, which includes an ebook on the scope of this law, as well as handy reference guides focused on...
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Cookies and Compliance

A recent study by Cisco found that over 84% of global consumers want more control over how their data is being used. This call for increased privacy rights and digital transparency has motivated privacy...
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The Countdown to CCPA Enforcement

Despite dozens of requests for a delay due to Covid-19 pandemic, the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has declined to extend the July 1 deadline, stating that privacy concerns have increased during...
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*Focal Point is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice.