Curriculum and Labs

Focal Point's curriculum and labs are designed to provide students with skills they can immediately apply on the job.

About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to take students to new places in their career. Our number one goal is for you to graduate from our bootcamp with all the skills you need to start a successful cybersecurity career immediately. To accomplish this, our curriculum combines industry-recognized sources with hands-on, real-world experiences. Here's how we do it.

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Real-World Experience

Our instructors and course constructors all have first-hand experience in cybersecurity, and they have literally practiced what they preach.

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Outcome Focused

When building our bootcamps, we identify the outcomes we want for our students and then reverse engineer course materials to achieve them.

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We know that the most successful students are the most confident. Each module within our bootcamp includes hands-on labs, so you can apply what you learn with an expert instructor nearby.

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Industry Experience

We aren't new to this. We've been building courses for government agencies, the U.S. Military, and Fortune 500 companies for 15 years, and our bootcamps draw from this extensive experience.

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Cumulative Learning

Our bootcamps take a modular approach, each piece increasing in complexity. This approach doesn't require students to have prior knowledge before beginning and allows us to build on core concepts.
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No Student Left Behind

Our bootcamps are modeled for teamwork, so no students are left to struggle alone. Students work in teams for labs, exercises, and lectures, and our instructors cultivate a collaborative culture.
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Hands-on Reinforcement

Our curriculum is centered on hands-on learning. After each lecture, students complete interactive labs that immediately apply what they've learned. Hands-on learning is the key to real-world application.

About our Labs

Our focus on lab-intensive training is what sets Focal Point apart. Each module of our bootcamps is reinforced with labs that ensure learners have a strong understanding of key concepts and are able to apply them to real-world scenarios. As the bootcamp advances, our labs build in complexity, challenging students to grow. We use a combination of individual and team exercises, to ensure students can test their work in collaborative settings and on their own.

Lab-Intensive Training

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Most of our bootcamps are 60% lab exercises, so you have ample opportunities to practice what you learn in class.
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Our labs are hosted in virtualized systems and environments. All you need is a web browser to access them.
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In addition to individual labs, you'll have team validation exercises, so you can test your skills in real-world scenarios.
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Our instructors are available to you throughout our labs, so you can get the guidance you need.
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