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Penetration testing and security assessments test and improve the security of your organization by pinpointing crucial weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your network.

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Different from the Rest

Focal Point's Pen Testing team does things differently. From researching new threats, to harnessing the latest and most innovative tools, to building new client engagement models, Focal Point is on the leading edge of the penetration testing market.

Trusted Partner

We are the trusted security partner for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. From the biggest banks in the world to the top retailers, we understand the unique security challenges faced by each industry.

Experienced Advisor

We’ve delivered thousands of assessments over the past 14 years, with actionable reports designed for technical, management, and executive audiences.

Certified Experts

Our pen testing professionals are all 100% CISSP certified. In addition, many also hold CISA, CISM, OSCP, PCI-QSA, and CIPP certifications.
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Pen Testing Careers

We’re looking for skilled pen testers interested in joining our fast-moving, high-performance team. Our goal is to give you opportunities to make the most of your strengths and develop even further in a supportive, team-focused atmosphere. Focal Point and CDW provide an inclusive workplace with ample personal and professional development and on-the-job experience. If you’re interested in joining our team, click the button below to get started!


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