Application Portfolio Review

Too much software? Not sure if you're getting enough value from the tools you have? Focal Point can help rationalize your application portfolio, reducing licensing fees and improving security outcomes.
Application Rationalization

Application Rationalization 

An application portfolio review analyzes the effectiveness, business value, lifespan, reliability, and end user satisfaction of your tools. Following our analysis, each application is place into one of four categories: tolerate, invest, migrate, or eliminate. The final deliverable can help your IT team, as well as executive leaders, realize immediate cost savings and make strategic decisions about future software investments.

Our Approach

An application portfolio review helps you take stock of your enterprise software and evaluate how well they support your technology and business goals.

Phase 1

During Phase 1, Focal Point evaluates each application within your portfolio, looking at the effectiveness, value, lifespan, reliability, and end-user satisfaction of the tool.

  • Effectiveness
  • End-user satisfaction
  • Reliability

Phase 2

Following the application evaluation, we assign each portfolio to a category: Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, or Eliminate. While these categories are very prescriptive, we also provide recommendations around timing and next steps.

  • Category assignment
  • Recommendations
  • Timing

Phase 3

Following our analysis, we take a step back and look at your entire IT application portfolio to determine how well this portfolio supports the business as a whole.

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Business value
  • Recommendations for improvement

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing IT risk.

Deep Experience

We know IT. Over the past 14+ years, we have delivered hundreds of successful IT risk assessments and helped our clients build strong cyber programs. 

Actionable Deliverables

Our application portfolio reviews don't just create a software catalog. They provide clear, practical guidance on reducing costs and making smart software investments in the future.

Implementation Expertise

While we are experts in IT and cyber risk, Focal Point also specializes in digital transformation, helping our clients seamlessly transition to scalable, modern, and cost-effective IT environments.
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Application Portfolio Analysis

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