DevSecOps Services

With the rapid adoption of DevOps, companies are undergoing complex transformations to their development processes. Security is often pushed aside to focus on development speed, putting companies at risk.
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Securing Your DevOps Model

Focal Point helps companies secure their application lifecycle by applying comprehensive security measures at every step – from initial planning to deployment. Whether you need help evaluating, testing, or building a deployment pipeline, or an assessment of your overall DevSecOps strategy, our team has the knowledge and proven experience to support your organization without compromising on quality or speed of delivery.

Our Capabilities

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As leaders in the DevSecOps space, Focal Point offers a number of services focused on weaving security into DevOps and vice versa, from assessments to organizational structure to technology build-out. We analyze the unique components of your DevOps and security programs and tailor our approach to help you build innovative and secure development and deployment practices.

Focal Point’s DevSecOps services are designed to provide you with lasting value. Our experts are highly skilled consultants with years of experience helping define the modern philosophy of DevSecOps that emphasizes security in the context of Development and Operations goals.

Our Services

DevSecOps Assessment

Examine the integration of security into DevOps processes to provide actionable initiatives to improve protection of business objectives and analyze opportunities to implement DevOps ideals within the security team. After the assessment, we will work with you to help implement recommended changes.

01 Understand Posture
02 Actionable Roadmap
03 Remediation Support

Security Integration in Dev Tools

Integrate new or existing security tooling with existing technology in the organization’s development stack.

01 Secure Tech
02 Better Reporting
03 Reduced Risk

CI/CD Pipeline Build Out

Build advanced Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines that integrate security measures without compromising deployment speed.

01 Advanced CI/CD Pipelines
02 Improved Security
03 Uncompromised Speed

SBOM Creation and Utilization

Set up strong processes for collecting SBOMs, storing them effectively, and using them to improve your application security posture on a daily basis.

01 Effective Storage
02 Secure Collection
03 Improve Posture

AppSec Tool Suite Selection

Evaluate the marketplace and assist in the selection of application security tools for ongoing vulnerability management.

01 Marketplace Evaluation
02 Tool Selection
03 Vulnerability Management

Security Championship Program Buildout

Start or enhance a security champions program to increase participation in security efforts across the organization and improve developer relations.

01 Increased Participation
02 Improved Relationships
03 Stronger Security

Different from the Rest

Focal Point has helped set the bar for robust DevSecOps models that propel each business unit in the partnership forward. Here's how:

More than an Assessment

Our toolset goes beyond assessments. We have experts who can help you select and implement new technologies and align these tools with processes that preserve development speed.

The Specialists You Need

Our team specializes in more than just DevSecOps. We have experience with software development and experts in areas like data privacy, project management, data analytics, and penetration testing.

Knowledgeable and Tuned-In

Our team members pride themselves on staying up to date on the latest trends in the DevSecOps space. We are constantly building new ideas and techniques to improve security integration for our clients.