New technology has given many colleges, universities, and school districts opportunities for advancement. But securing these systems and the personal data that lives in them is a growing challenge.
Education Experience

Securing the Learning Experience

Focal Point helps educational institutions improve IT capabilities, manage risk, and protect students’ personal information. We understand the complex and unique risks faced by colleges, universities, and school districts, and we have built data security, privacy, identity and access management, and internal audit programs for some of largest and most prominent learning institutions in North America.

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Our Services

We offer a number of services designed to target the key risks facing educational institutions.

Privacy Strategy and Planning

Student data is spread across more systems than ever before. Focal Point can help educational organizations build privacy programs to govern the collection, management, and storage of this data.

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01 Strategy Design
02 Planning
03 Execution

Identity Governance

Teachers, students, administrative staff, alumni, and vendors all need special access to different systems and tools. Our IAM services help you secure and manage this access across your organization.

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01 System Implementation
02 Privileged Remote Access
03 Managed Services

Third-Party Risk Management

Many educational institutions rely heavily on a system of vendors to support key functions. Focal Point can help you evaluate your vendors' risk management programs to better protect your business.

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01 Vendor Profiling
02 Risk Remediation
03 Managed Support

Digital Transformation

Educational organizations are moving more traditional, outdated processes to new technologies, but this can come with significant growing pains. Focal Point can help you manage a seamless integration.

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01 Data Quality Assessment
02 Cloud Transformation
03 GRC Technology

IT Risk Assessments

With more technology in play, educational institutions need to establish new measures to manage IT risk. Focal Point can help you identify and prioritize IT risk and develop a plan to address it.

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01 Expert Assessment
02 Roadmap Development
03 Remediation Support
Featured Case Study

IAM Upgrade for a University

A major state university with more than 250,000 identities was running a complex, homegrown IAM system. They purchased Oracle Identity Manager But after two years, the solution still had not been implemented. They engaged Focal Point to rescue the project.

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Under management by the University.
Running the program before the project began.

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing data risk.

Simplified Onboarding

We make it easy to be a client, as all firms should (but don’t). Initial onboarding is simple, fast, and transparent, allowing us to quickly ramp up and support time-sensitive initiatives.

Trusted by the Best

Many of the largest public and private education institutions in the country already work with Focal Point, and yours can be next. We support K-12 districts, colleges and universities, and teaching hospitals.

Integrated Specialists

Focal Point is an integrated firm, meaning when you engage with us in any capacity, you get instant access to a range of specialists in today’s most in-demand disciplines.