Privacy Staffing Support

Director, manager, or staff-level support for privacy projects, surge support, or process redesigns
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Support When You Need It

Focal Point’s privacy experts can drop into your privacy program to address specific needs or provide support during seasonal projects. This support ranges from strategic help like project planning to hands-on operational work like policy development, training, and control design. This staff augmentation model eliminates the bench time and overhead that come with additional in-house employees, and gives you immediate access to the most in-demand privacy skillsets.

Our Privacy Support Services

Our team members have extensive backgrounds in legal, IT, audit, and regulatory compliance and have helped clients design and operationalize best-in-class privacy programs. With this experience and expertise, our experts can immediately start tackling your privacy challenges.

Initiative Support

Support privacy-by-design initiatives through collaboration with product and services teams to evaluate the privacy impact of new initiatives.

01 Collaboration
02 Assessment
03 Support

Training Campaigns

Develop privacy training campaigns and related communication plans to socialize privacy throughout the organization.

01 Design
02 Communication
03 Execution

Policy Reviews

Review and revise existing policies and procedures that support privacy program operations.

01 Policy Review
02 Policy Design
03 Policy Communication

Privacy Office

Act as the organization’s privacy compliance office, acting as the subject matter experts for all privacy-related inquiries, incidents, and concerns.

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01 Subject Matter Expertise
02 Communications Support
03 Program Support

Governance Support

Lead and implement governance initiatives to create accountability for privacy at the organization.

01 Design
02 Implementation
03 Management

Compliance Support

Bridge existing privacy compliance processes across multiple regulations.

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