Cyber Strategy Assessment

Gain a 360˚ view of your current cybersecurity posture and a comprehensive, actionable plan to improve it.
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Improve your Security Posture

Focal Point’s cyber strategy assessment evaluates the current state of your cyber organization, delivers a detailed gap analysis of your security posture, and provides future-state recommendations for improvement. We help you act on these recommendations, streamlining processes, optimizing solutions, and improving operations – advancing your overall cybersecurity posture.

Our Approach

Using our industry-leading cyber assessment methodology, which we adapt to each client's specific needs and environment, we execute a detailed assessment of your entire cyber organization and deliver actionable insights to enhance the security and sustainability of your IT environment.

Phase 1

We analyze your current cybersecurity environment, including your team, infrastructure, strategy, governance structure, and security policies and procedures.

  • Analyze current posture
  • Assess team structure
  • Evaluate policies and procedures

Phase 2

We examine your team’s cybersecurity skills, knowledge, and overall ability to address cyber risk across your organization. We also examine processes and technologies in place to ensure they are meeting your needs.

  • Examine team skills
  • Evaluate team knowledge
  • Assess ability to address risk

Phase 3

We identify risks and strengths within your cybersecurity program and control environment as well as opportunities for improvement. With a prioritized list of critical risks, we build a roadmap to your desired end state.

  • Pinpoint risks
  • Evaluate strengths
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Phase 4

Following our assessment, we deliver a roadmap of practical and cost-effective recommendations for improvement, alongside our comprehensive assessment report, detailing the current state of your cyber program.

  • Roadmap
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Assessment report

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we take a different approach to managing cyber risk.

Actionable Deliverables

Our cyber assessments don't just point out your weaknesses and the urgent need for change. They provide clear, practical guidance for addressing key risks and improving your overall risk posture.

Ongoing Support

After providing our clients with an assessment, we often stay onboard to help them implement our recommendations and remediate key risks. We work with you to help you execute your roadmap. 

End-to-End Services

Focal Point provides you with end-to-end support. We have experts in IAM system implementation, cyber workforce training, and data privacy to help you improve all security domains.
Featured Case Study

Cyber Strategy Lesson Plan

The Chief Information Officer of one of the largest public school districts in the United States requested a strategic cybersecurity assessment to gain a better understanding of the existing IT security program.

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Roadmap report to enhance their cybersecurity strategy.
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Cyber Workforce Development

The skills and knowledge of your cybersecurity team are critical to the success of your cybersecurity program and the protection of your organization. Yet, many of our cyber assessments identify serious skills gaps among our clients’ cyber teams. Focal Point Academy helps you build a custom cyber workforce development program that creates clear career paths for your employees and expands their capabilities.

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