Application Developer

Chris is a junior-level web developer who wants learn new coding languages, so he can expand his skillset.

Junior Web Developer to Application Developer

Chris is a junior-level web developer who wants learn new coding languages, so he can expand his skillset to include application development. His company is actively looking for app developers to help them build and optimize custom tools to support key operations. Chris’s existing knowledge of company tools and operations makes him the perfect fit. His company has committed to helping him learn these skills and move into an app developer role over the next six months.

Suggested Learning Track

The following is sample learning program for professionals looking to transition into an App Developer role.

Intro to C Programming

This course covers the fundamental principles of programming in this essential language and is perfct for beginners.

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01 5-Day Course
02 10+ Lab Exercises
03 CPE/CEU Credits

Intro to C++

This course introduces the student to the core concepts of object-oriented programming and equips them to
implement these concepts in the C++ programming language.

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01 5-day Course
02 10+ Lab Exercises
03 CPE/CEU Credits

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