An Interview with Gary McIntyre: Why SOCs Suck and How to Fix Them

This is the second episode in Focal Point’s Practitioner Interview Series, in which Focal Point experts sit down with real-world security leaders to discuss strategies for overcoming common security challenges. You can find episode one here.

In this interview, Gary McIntyre, one of the world’s foremost SOC experts and Managing Director of Focal Point’s Cyber Defense practice, discusses why many SOCs don’t meet performance expectations. The conversation later moves onto strategies for improving your SOC and advancing your cybersecurity workforce.

In this 20-minute interview, you’ll hear:

  • The top challenges for SOC success and how to solve them (plus real-world case studies)
  • What the name of your SOC says about your team and objectives
  • Strategies for recruiting a world-class SOC team
  • How to improve conversations about your SOC with executive leadership
  • The 3 keys to improving your SOC