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Our People

Hire the best and success will follow

Focal Point is the premier provider of data risk management services in the U.S. and Canada. We’re always looking to add motivated, talented, and entrepreneurial professionals to our team. 

Our employees work in close-knit, diverse teams and eagerly take on the the biggest cyber risk challenges.  We’re working toward a common goal of building better risk management frameworks for the world’s top companies, and we want you to join us. 

Our Team 

Focal Point has nearly 400 talented employees with a variety of backgrounds and skillsets.  

We asked our team why they love working here – explore below to read their answers.

Chris M.

"Without a doubt, the people. While we all are focused on our immediate and long-term goals and assignments, the team focus at Focal Point is always the health and growth of the entire organization through group effort and input."

Chris M.

Hospitality Manager

Heather B.

"Because of the opportunity to work with so many different types of clients that operate in various industries, I have been able to expand my business knowledge and expertise of many subjects during my time at Focal Point."

Heather B.



"I enjoy working at Focal Point because of the NY principals, team members, and the clients we do business with. I’ve been able to be on some pretty interesting client engagements which makes the work thought-provoking and fun at the same time. We have some pretty large clients which really does say a lot about Focal Point's work ethic and employees. Let’s keep up the GREAT Work!"

Jose C.


Jovari H.

"Two items always stick out to me. The flat organization structure the firm promotes, and the fact that the partners visibly appreciate your hard work. When I started as a senior consultant, I had the opportunity to interface with principals directly - via email, phone, and over lunch. I was able to share ideas, and get candid responses."

Jovari S.


Kim M

I have the privilege of working closely with a small team of individuals who challenge and encourage me to be better. Communication is a skill, I believe, that can always be perfected, and one that I have been challenged to continue developing during my time here. In addition, taking on more responsibilities, being a team player, and learning how to address unexpected issues quickly, and accurately are all areas that I have had the opportunity to develop.

Kim M.

Logistics Manager

Marc A.

"I started at Focal Point as an intern. I was then brought on as a Consultant after I graduated. I have been able to grow through experience and the guidance of managers. Being able to ask questions and express my thoughts has enabled me to develop my skill set."

Marc A.

Senior Consultant

Max H

"What I like most about working for Focal Point is the people that I get to interact with on a daily basis. We have some of the best people in the industry and get to work in a highly collaborative environment that makes coming to work every day exciting."

Max H.

Sr. Consultant

Pat N

"Simply put, I enjoy the people I work with. It makes work feel a little less like work when I come in each morning to a team that meshes so well. They’re there to support me, joke with me, or guide me in whatever I may need."

Pat N.


Paul P.

“Working at Focal Point is exciting because every day brings a new set of challenges, opportunities and rewards as we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that make them safer and more productive.  With our team-based approach, we are able to build new relationships, sharpen our consulting skills and make a positive contribution on a daily basis.”

Paul P.


Peter H

A big part of the culture at Focal Point involves challenging yourself; pushing at the limits we’ve set for ourselves and striving to be excellent. This has given me the opportunity to develop and improve my leadership, communications and curriculum development skills with the encouragement and support of the leadership around me. I know that my leadership believes in improving the company through strengthening the people who comprise it. Frankly, the kind of commitment they show to the employees is something I’ve never experienced before, and I love it.

Peter H.

Sr. Cyber Security Instructor

Stephanie H.

"The potential at Focal Point is huge. We have something unique and exciting here at this company that I have never seen anywhere else. I’m not just working for some division that gets swallowed up or devalued by the broader company’s most profitable line of business: the entire firm is singularly focused on what I care about professionally. Senior leadership listens. They listen to everyone here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a partner or an entry level employee: your opinion is heard, respected and sincerely considered. Focal Point isn’t so large that you are forgotten or minimized – every single person matters. Your goals matter. Your performance matters. Every single person is a contributor, and everyone works together to make themselves and the company successful. What person doesn’t want to feel like they are part of something bigger; something that matters? At Focal Point, you’re not just head count or a bottom line. You are what makes this company great."

Stephanie H.

Business Development Director

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