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The promise of technological integration in the classroom is vast - students now have more access to resources, instructors, and each other than ever before.  But this rapid revolution in education has pushed many essential security and privacy concerns to the side.  Now, many colleges, universities, and school districts are playing catchup, hoping to secure student data before a weak system is compromised.

Because this data is pervasive in today's classroom - from content management systems, to administrative systems, to in-classroom connected devices - it requires a coordinated effort to manage.  This effort requires the participation of the institution's administrators, security team, IT team, systems engineers, legal counsel, and internal audit department.  To better understand and manage this risk, best-in-class educational institutions are:

  • Testing internal and external security 
  • Evaluating compliance with relevant mandates, including those governing children's privacy 
  • Integrating identity governance and access management systems
  • Managing communities of identity, including applicants, students, faculty, staff, alumni and affiliates
  • Performing periodic IT risk assessments, including assessments of applications and governance
  • Inventorying sensitive data and understanding its lifecycle 
  • Training employees and students on security and privacy awareness

Our Experience and Services

Focal Point's risk management services allow educational institutions to improve IT capabilities, manage risk and protect students' personal information.  We understand the complex and unique risks faced by colleges, universities, and school districts, and we have built data security, privacy, identity and access management, and internal audit programs for some of largest and most prominent institutions of learning in North America.

We offer a number of services designed to target the key risks facing educational institutions:

Sectors We Serve

Data risk management for community colleges

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Date Risk Management for the Public Universities

Public Universities

Data Risk Management for the Private Universities

Private Universities

Data Risk Management for School Districts

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Data Risk Management for State Education Departments

State Education Departments

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