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Financial Services

The financial services industry is in a period of sustained transition: Mobile devices have become the new banking standard, massive quantities of customer data are being stored and accessed in the cloud, websites are replacing brick-and-mortar locations and new compliance mandates are putting increased pressure on financial services companies to maintain world-class data risk management programs. 

Because technology is the new lifeblood of the industry, financial services companies must be proactive in how they address data risk.  Simply meeting compliance mandates is not sufficient.  There must be a sustained focus on improving the processes, technologies and people that comprise the company’s critical infrastructure.  At a minimum, financial services companies must:

Our Experience and Services

Focal Point's risk management services allow financial services companies to improve IT capabilities, manage risk and drive profitability through greater efficiency.  Focal Point understands the complex operational, compliance and IT risks inherent to the financial services industry and have built cyber security and internal audit programs for some of the top banks, credit unions and credit card brands in the world.

We offer a number of services designed to target the key risks facing financial services organizations:

Sectors We Serve

Cyber Risk Management for the Banking Industry


Cyber Risk Management for the Private Equity Industry

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Cyber Risk Management for the Payment Technology Industry

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Cyber Risk Management for the Insurance Industry


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