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The healthcare industry is under an unprecedented barrage from cyber criminals.  In part because of the high value of stolen medical records (they average more than $450 each on the black market), healthcare organizations are under greater pressure to protect the confidentiality of their patients’ PHI than ever before.  At the same time, technological changes – the move to electronic health records, the prevalence of networked medical devices and complex data transfers – are forcing healthcare organizations to adapt quickly to remain competitive.   

These challenges, combined with complex and shifting regulatory mandates, require healthcare organizations to develop and implement proactive data risk management programs to address all key financial, operational and technological challenges. 

To secure their data, mitigate operational and financial risks, and improve efficiency across the organization, healthcare organizations should prioritize: 

  • Building and testing business continuity plans 
  • Assessing compliance with HIPAA standards 
  • Securing all networks and systems 
  • Enhancing data analytics capabilities 
  • Assessing the IT environment, including governance, organization, and applications  
  • Training staff on privacy awareness
  • Developing breach response procedures 

Our Experience and Services

Healthcare organizations must develop a comprehensive governance program that meets all the requirements they face. Focal Point's experts have an expansive knowledge of healthcare regulations as well as IT, financial and organizational best practices. Using this knowledge, we provide services that ensure all aspects of your organization are secure and operating effectively, while simultaneously meeting industry requirements.  

Focal Point is a trusted partner to many of the largest healthcare providers, life science companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges these healthcare organizations face, including: 

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Cyber Risk Management for the Research & Development Industry

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Cyber Risk Management for the Healthcare Systems Industry

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Cyber Risk Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry


Cyber Risk Management for the Medical & Dental Insurance Industry

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