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Technology companies are trusted with customers’ most private information, from credit card numbers to social security information to health information. The entire industry rests on consumers’ ability to trust that these companies can keep their information safe while still using it to provide them with customized tools, products and services. Because of this reliance, technology companies are frequently a target of malicious attackers, who view them as a one-stop shop for data on millions of people. 

Our Experience and Services

To comply with the large number of industry regulations in place to protect consumers, tech companies must have sound data privacy and security policies and programs in place. Focal Point has helped technology companies across all industries develop tailored data privacy and cyber security plans that still allow them to operate with ease while providing their clients with the peace of mind that their data is secure.

We offer a number of services designed to meet the unique challenges technology organizations face:

Sectors We Serve

Cyber Risk Management for the Web Hosting Industry

Web Platform Hosts

Cyber Risk Management for the Software Development Industry

Software Development

Cyber Risk Management for the Online Business Tools Industry

Online Business Tools

Cyber Risk Management for the Consumer Electronics Industry

Consumer Electronics

Cyber Risk Management for the Online Retailer Industry

Online Retailers

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