Focal Point and AICPA to Host Webinar on 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report

May 24, 2018

Tampa, FL – Focal Point Data Risk, a leading integrated risk management firm, and the AICPA, the standard-bearer for U.S. auditing practices, today announced that they will be hosting an exclusive, joint webinar session discussing the biggest takeaways from the 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report.

The webinar, set for June 6, 2018, at 11 AM ET, will feature representatives from the Cyentia Institute, the AICPA, and Focal Point Data Risk.

The session will include an executive-level discussion of the 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report and its key findings. The panel will also explore the roles of Finance, Legal, Audit, Security, and Risk Management in solving the cyber risk communication gap, and break down the best cyber risk metrics to facilitate executive-level discussions.

Panelists will include:

  • Wade Baker, Partner and Co-founder of the Cyentia Institute – Wade is the lead researcher on the 2018 Cyber Balance Sheet Report and the co-founder of the Cyentia Institute, a cybersecurity research services firm. Previously, he was Director of Cybersecurity Strategy and Research at Verizon Security Solutions where he had the privilege of creating and leading Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) for eight years. Wade is also a Professor of Integrated Security at Virginia Tech.
  • Joel White, Senior Director of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance at the AICPA –Joel is the Senior Director of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance (iARC) at the AICPA, responsible for working with management and various governance committees to understand and respond to organizational risks, strategic initiatives, and compliance requirements. Prior to joining the Association, Joel worked in various internal audit and advisory roles at Duke University & Health System and Grant Thornton, LLP.
  • Yvette Connor, Chief Risk Officer at Focal Point Data Risk – Yvette is the CRO of Focal Point. She specializes in building effective enterprise risk management programs, using decision-driven models informed by enterprise risk factors and organizational behavior, for Focal Point’s clients. She also oversees the firm’s work behind the Cyber Balance Sheet Report.
    Attendees are encouraged to reserve their seat in advance.

This webinar is part of the annual Cyber Balance Sheet initiative, which also includes the Cyber Balance Sheet Summit. This year’s Summit will be held in New York City on May 23. Interested participants may request an invitation here (pending availability).

About Cyber Balance Sheet

The Cyber Balance Sheet initiative aims to bridge the gap between the operational and business aspects of cybersecurity – reconciling how security leaders talk about cyber risk with what their corporate directors really care about. Each year, Focal Point hosts the Cyber Balance Sheet Summit in New York City, and publishes an original research report featuring interviews with dozens of security and business leaders. Click here to view last year’s report.

The Cyber Balance Sheet Report is produced by Focal Point Data Risk, with original research by the Cyentia Institute. The Summit is hosted by Focal Point and sponsored by the AICPA.

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