Focal Point Announces Strategic Partnership with CIEM Leader CloudKnox

May 3, 2021

TAMPA, Fla., and SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Focal Point Data Risk, a leading cybersecurity services provider, and CloudKnox Security, the only cloud permissions management platform for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, today announced a new strategic partnership. Together, CloudKnox and Focal Point provide clients with a unique solution for automating the monitoring and enforcement of least privilege policies and protecting critical cloud resources from exploitation.

Analysts, researchers, and industry luminaries all point to compromised, misused, or over-privileged credentials as the largest cyber risk facing most organizations. The introduction of complex multi-cloud environments and the emergence of privileged machine identities has complicated the challenge further, skyrocketing identity monitoring and detection to the top of the CISO priority list.

CloudKnox’s best-of-breed solution, combined with Focal Point’s world-class IAM strategy and cloud security expertise, offers companies a better way to monitor, remediate, and secure these accounts across fast-changing cloud environments, dramatically reducing the risk of over-privileged accounts, abuse, and breach.

“Our clients demand innovative, forward-looking technology to support their modern identity programs, particularly as sprawling cloud infrastructures and machine identities add new challenges. We’re proud to add CloudKnox to our lineup of world-class technology partnerships, recognizing our joint ability to solve these challenges while giving our clients new avenues to manage the risk of privileged account abuse,” said Buck Bell, Executive Vice President of Technology Integration Services at Focal Point. “We’re excited to add these new capabilities to our portfolio, demonstrating our continued commitment to solving the biggest and most pressing challenges in identity and access management for our clients.”

Both CloudKnox and Focal Point are aligned with Gartner’s Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (CARTA) framework, which prioritizes real-time visibility and management of critical security risks. This partnership offers organizations a new way of putting CARTA into action, enabling organizations to continuously monitor vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance violations for all private and public cloud infrastructures through the CloudKnox platform.

“CloudKnox’s mission is to help protect organizations from malicious and accidental internal and external threats by enforcing least privilege and Zero Trust access in their hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said CloudKnox Security COO Raj Mallempati. “We’re excited to partner with Focal Point, continuing to realize and build on this mission while cementing our cloud infrastructure entitlement management market lead.”

CIEM is a critical piece of an effective cloud security strategy. Focal Point offers Cloud Security Assessments to organizations looking to gauge their security across a number of key domains, including CIEM. With the help of technologies like CloudKnox, Focal Point delivers complete solutions to organizations looking to manage identity and security risks in their multi-cloud environments. To learn more, visit or

About Focal Point Data Risk

Focal Point Data Risk, a leading cybersecurity services provider, helps companies secure the future of their business. By integrating market-leading consulting, technology integration, and cyber workforce development services, Focal Point provides an end-to-end solution for security leaders looking to future-proof their companies against threats, changing data protection laws, and growing workforce shortages. Focal Point works with the largest and most innovative companies in the U.S., including 6 of the top 10 companies by revenue and more than half of the Fortune 50.

About CloudKnox

CloudKnox Security is the only cloud security platform built from the ground-up to support the monitoring and management of identities, actions and resources across hybrid and multi-cloud environments using an Activity-based Authorization model. Through an extensible single platform, CloudKnox transforms how organizations implement the principle of least privilege and empowers security teams to proactively address accidental and malicious credential misuse by continuously detecting and mitigating identity risks. CloudKnox is based in Sunnyvale, CA.