Removing Your Data Blindspots: Focal Point Launches New Service to Protect Crown Jewels Data

June 29, 2017

TAMPA, FL – Focal Point Data Risk, LLC (Focal Point), one of the largest pure-play data risk consulting firms in North America, today announced the general availability of the company’s proprietary Crown Jewels Assessment service. Focal Point’s Crown Jewels Assessment enables smarter decision-making around risk management spending and prioritization by identifying an organization’s most important data, mapping its movement and evaluating key points of risk exposure.

“Too many businesses look at protecting their company’s crown jewels strictly through a technical cybersecurity lens – ambitiously seeking to identify and lock down every device touching a company’s network,” said Yong-Gon Chon, CEO of Focal Point. “Not only is this approach almost impossible to achieve, it usually falls short because the organization doesn’t have a clear picture of where data is actually flowing.  No one is asking the real questions: ‘What does our data look like?’ ‘Who accesses it?’ ‘What would happen if our most important data was stolen today?’  The Crown Jewels Assessment helps our clients answer these questions.”

The days of intellectual property and other crown jewel data residing in fixed or offline locations are over. Compounding this pixelated data risk picture, businesses are growing, merging and using data in pivotal ways – in effect creating entirely new crown jewels – faster than dated compliance checklists and other traditional safeguards can scale.  The net effect: Most organizations do not truly understand how their most critical data moves through their operations and who has access.

Focal Point’s Crown Jewels Assessment helps clients get a vantage point on their data risk, one without the blindspots common in compliance or control-driven assessments.  The insights from a Crown Jewels Assessment enable organizations to make better-informed decisions on risk management investments, driving dollars to initiatives that actually protect valuable data.  These insights are a key component in elevating the cyber resiliency of an organization and minimizing the downstream impact of breaches.

“More C-level executives recognize that neither more frequent compliance audits nor more deployed security technology layers, alone, can make up for incomplete or outdated pictures of a company’s critical data,” Chon added. “This means the immediate benefits of our Crown Jewels Assessments are two-fold: Clients learn where their data travels and what risks it’s exposed to, and decision-makers can develop a set of shared priorities for addressing the most pressing security, privacy and operational risks. This assessment gives organizations the fresh perspective they need to build a sustainable security program that actually protects critical data assets.”

Each Crown Jewels Assessment includes a detailed risk profile for each critical asset type, as well as executive-level dashboards that give a big-picture view of the security of Crown Jewels data within the organization. To request more information about assessing the risk to your Crown Jewels, please visit

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