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Buffy Ellis

Vice President of Training

When computer network breaches occur, companies, their customers, media and the world quickly demand to know two things: how did this happen and who is to blame?  Buffy Ellis is seasoned trainer, speaker, author, and packet enthusiast with one focus; equipping cyber analysts with the skills they need to provide the answers. 

With a hands-on approach to leadership, Buffy brings to bear her 25+ years of experience in Network Design, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Network Monitoring and Analysis to head a team of phenomenal technical experts in the delivery of hundreds of courses worldwide each year.   A former instructor herself, Buffy has personally trained over 4000 students in the areas of networking, firewall policy, intrusion detection and malware analysis over the course of her career.  As the Vice President of Training, Buffy oversees Focal Point’s continually evolving Cyber Security Training portfolio leading the charge to keep our courses up to date and relevant to the cyber challenges our customers are facing every day.