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Hosted Analytics

small teamDon’t have the budget to purchase software or hardware for data analytic activities?  Looking to “start small” and evaluate ROI before making a major investment in data analytics?

If your current budget does not allow for the purchase of data analytic software, hardware for the server, or consultants to assist, Focal Point can host your analytics with minimal cost. Our hosted analytics process is simple. We work with you to determine a feasible set of analytics based on available data.  Then, we assist with identifying, acquiring and verifying the data.  And finally, we map your data to analytics from our repository. After we run the analytics, we return the exceptions/results to you for follow-up and verification.

If tests are to run on a set frequency, Focal Point will work with your IT department to schedule regular data downloads (which will be sent to our secure site via FTP). We will download the data from our secure site and run it against the selected analytics. Notifications and results will be emailed to the project sponsor.

Benefits of a Hosted Analytics Solution

Many organizations choose a hosted analytics solution as their first step into data analytics.  It allows organizations to pilot analytics and develop quantifiable ROI measurements, without making significant up-front investments in software or hardware.  Additional benefits include:

  • The use of proven analytics from Focal Point's repository
  • Minimal overhead and upfront investment
  • Justification for a future data analytics program through a smaller, low-risk proof-of-concept project
  • Confidence in a secure and repeatable analytics process
  • Expert advice from an experienced and credentialed data analytics consultant


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