Cyber Training for Auditors

Bridge the gap between your first and third lines of defense. Give your auditors the cybersecurity knowledge to identify and assess key risks through the development of more targeted audit programs.
Cyber Training for Auditors 3

Cyber Audit Skills Accelerator

In this course, auditors learn to manage risk and strengthen security controls while streamlining compliance with information security requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX. Through hands-on lab activities, students will walk through the hacker lifecycle, explore the malware ecosystem, recognize the principles of endpoint logging and analysis, understand network infrastructure and security, and determine the scope and data of given environments.

Course Topics

Explore the core focus areas and key takeaways of our Cyber Audit Skills Accelerator course.

The Hacker Lifecycle

This session demystifies the hacker lifecycle, walking attendees through the stages of an attack/intrusion, the elements required for a successful intrusion, and the importance of patch management.

01 The Hacker Lifecycle
02 The Stages of an Attack
03 Patch Management

The Malware Ecosystem

Our instructor guides students through common malware types, infection vectors, persistence mechanisms, and command and control communications.

01 Malware Types
02 Infection Vectors
03 Persistence Mechanisms

Endpoint Logging and Analysis

This session focuses on the importance of event logging and analysis. The course examines the types and purpose of event logs, principles of log analysis, and how to recreate an event timeline.

01 Event Logging
02 Event Analysis
03 Event Timelines

Network Infrastructure and Security

The course closes with a look at network infrastructure and security. Students learn how to baseline normal activity, identify anomalies, and identify the differences between documented and actual network topologies.

01 Network Activity
02 Security Anomalies
03 Network Topologies

Different from the Rest

At Focal Point, we are passionate about building stronger cybersecurity teams.

Flexible Delivery

Focal Point offers multiple training delivery methods - classroom, onsite, and online. Based on your needs, you can use one of our training facilities, go online, or we can bring our team to you.

70% Hands-On

We believe in the power of doing. Lectures are limited, and students spend most of their time building and testing real-world skills in our lab environments.

Top Instructors

Leverage the same world-class training used by cyber experts in the military and Fortune 500. Our instructors receive an average 4.9/5 rating for knowledge and delivery year after year.
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Cyber Training for Auditors 2

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