Case Study: Implementing SailPoint’s IdentityIQ for a National Water Company

Client Overview

One of the largest and most geographically expansive water utility companies located in both the United States and Canada, providing high-quality water and wastewater services to approximately 15 million people in more than 1,600 communities, engaged Focal Point to perform Identity and Access Management (IAM) services.


The Water Utility Company had implemented a Sun Identity Manager (Oracle Waveset) solution for user provisioning and identity management for employees and contractors, but when this solution was no longer supported, the Water Utility Company began the search for more relevant IAM solutions.


During the search for a replacement platform, the Water Utility Company sought a solution that offered more efficiency and control over the provisioning and deprovisioning processes, as well as a way to securely streamline the submittal and approval processes managing entitlement requests from the Water Utilities Company’s disconnected resources. In addition, as a market-leader in one of the most highly regulated industries, meeting the numerous compliance mandates and leading successful audits were top requirements that the Water Utilities Company’s IAM replacement was expected to address.

Focal Point selected SailPoint Identity IQ, which was capable of providing the Water Utility Company with the following:

  • Single sign-on access across all IT environments
  • Mitigated risk with compliance control enhancements
  • Automate Identity Provisioning and DeProvisioning across the user lifecycle
  • Users and managers with more effective self service access request capabilities
  • Automated processes and improved audit function throughout the enterprise
  • Reduced IT costs, boosted productivity, and improvements to operations’ old workflows


SailPoint IdentityIQ exceeded the Water Utility Company’s requested enhancements to the on-boarding process, and created marked improvement across the entire pre-hire process. During onboarding, these new capabilities allowed the Water Utility Company to automate the provisioning of the active directory accounts and email addresses. The program also allowed managers to handle entitlement requests and automatically notify the service desk for a more seamless request approval workflow.

In the next phase of the implementation, the Water Utility Company intends to incorporate the Compliance Manager to streamline compliance functions and improve compliance performance with automated access certifications and centralized user access management.

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