Identifying a New Cloud-Based IAM Solution for a Global Retailer

A global retail company, owned by one of the most recognizable names in fashion, approached Focal Point to assess its current Identity and Access Management (IAM) program. The Retailer wanted a clear roadmap that identified existing issues in the program and outlined the key drivers and requirements needed to implement SailPoint for enhanced security, compliance, productivity, and user satisfaction.

Client Needs

Aware of their outdated process and user roles that had evolved over time, the Retailer understood that its onboarding and provisioning required new, well-designed workflows and strategies for managing its identity and access governance. With users based internationally and in the United States, the Retailer provided a wide array of user populations with access to multiple applications and tools necessary for their roles. Conversely, it also maintained restrictions for certain systems and information, ensuring that privileged assets were secure and in compliance.

Additionally, Focal Point’s assessment considered the Retailer’s users, current processes, and IT systems. To save on costs and simplify the upcoming SailPoint upgrade, Focal Point leveraged these investments as much as possible.

Review and Roadmap

The Focal Point team reviewed the existing systems, infrastructures, and processes of the current IAM program, and identified the gaps in identity governance. They evaluated a number of factors in order to create effective solutions that would best serve the Retailer, taking into consideration specific requirements, costs, maintenance, supportability, and scalability.

Focal Point also reviewed the Retailer’s capabilities in addressing current-state issues, meeting remediation needs, and implementing the IAM initiative.

Based on the findings and the unique business needs of the Retailer, the Focal Point team developed a strategic roadmap that would help the Retailer prepare and plan for its future IAM implementation. Key benefits of the roadmap included:

  • Automating manual processes and reducing the costs for IT resources and services
  • Satisfying compliance needs with “least privilege” strategies and provision / de-provision process auditing
  • Meeting other stringent security requirements that aim to manage users’ personal data
  • Improving the bottom line with enhanced productivity

Choosing IdentityNow

Focal Point provided its findings from two industry-standard vendor analyses – the Gartner and the Forrester Wave reports – and evaluated the top three vendors. The Retailer chose SailPoint’s IdentityNow (“IDN”), a top-rated IAM and cloud-based solution, as the best possible fit due to 4 key components:

  • The User Lifecycle: Self-service access, password securities, and automated lifecycle management
  • Compliance Controls: Robust audit functionality and automated access certification
  • Complete ID Governance: Creates a single preventative and detective control model across all applications and identity business processes
  • Out-of-the-Box Integrations: Enhanced opportunities to expand and custom-design IAM services

Continued Support

Following the success of the project and with a solid plan for enhancing its IAM program with IDN in place, the Retailer also decided to continue its partnership with Focal Point, selecting our firm as its preferred implementer.

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