Implementing SailPoint IdentityNow at a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Focal Point’s IAM services client is a leading global pharmaceutical company, with more than 20 years of experience and operating in over 40 countries worldwide. Dedicated to improving and advancing the treatment of opioid addiction around the globe, the Company has refined the industry’s marketplace to foster a greater understanding of addiction and offers more effective treatment options to millions of patients. To maintain its business operations and communications, the Company leveraged a greenfield IT infrastructure with a heavy focus on cloud-based technologies, including Workday and Microsoft Office 365.


The Company was lacking a system with the necessary capabilities to fully automate its process to provision and de-provision users’ access and authenticate authorization. The workload of the Company’s IT department was frequently becoming congested with the increasing demands of onboarding and offboarding, ultimately resulting in an inefficient and ineffective routine of manual processes that burdened IT and hindered users’ productivity.

In addition, as a pharmaceutical company, achieving compliance and an effective auditing plan are pressing needs, but without a centralized IAM system, the Company could not efficiently review or monitor user access, creating a substantial amount of risk.


The Company chose to upgrade its IAM system to SailPoint IdentityNow because this leading software could provide:

  • Cloud-based identity provisioning and de-provisioning
  • Cloud-based password management
  • Cloud-based single sign on
  • More automated and streamlined IT processes


Focal Point led the implementation of SailPoint IdentityNow for the Company over a 16-week period. At the “Go-Live” stage, the system was rolled out to 5,000 users. Now, the system covers provision and de-provision access for a base of more than 3,000 employees.

The Company selected Focal Point to perform this engagement because of their national footprint, successful record with SailPoint’s IDN, and experience with similar projects in highly regulated industries. Focal Point’s unique approach to IDM and IG enabled the successful deployment of complete provisioning and de-provisioning solutions, including SSO and password management. Some of the most common challenges to an effective implementation that Focal Point addressed are:

  • Accurately scoping with an agile delivery model focused on rollout, as opposed to initiating work on too many fronts
  • A highly coordinated, holistic approach with all Line of Business stakeholders, not just the IT department
  • Offering an improved IAM audit experience without any conflicts of interest
  • A reputation built upon successful implementations


IDN offered the Company a rapid on-boarding process to improve its pre-hire processing, so now the Company’s staff has fully automated the onboard provisioning of its Active Directory and email addresses. IDN also sends notifications to the IT department regarding assets, like laptops and company hardware, and offers streamlined processes to review user access, restriction authorizations, and the reliability of its authentication processes.

Case Study: Implementing SailPoint IdentityNow at a Global Pharmaceutical Company 1
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Case Study: Implementing SailPoint IdentityNow at a Global Pharmaceutical Company
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